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Some of my favorite books on hiking, biking, and adventure in Arizona. All of these come highly recommended.

Adkinson, Ron. Hiking Grand Canyon National Park. Falcon Publishing. 1997.

Doll, Pancho. Day Trips with a Splash: Swimming Holes of the Southwest.  Running Water Publications. 2000.

Ghiglieri, Michael P. Canyon. University of Arizona Press. 1992

Ghiglieri, Michael P. and Myers, Thomas M. Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon. Puma Press. 2001.

Grubbs, Bruce. Hiking Arizona's Superstition and Mazatzal Country. Falcon Publishing. 2000.

Krause, Steve. Streamside Trails: Day Hiking Central Arizona's Lakes, Rivers, and Creeks. Pinyon Publishing. Tempe. 3rd edition 1999.

Mangum, Richard & Sherry. Flagstaff Hikes: 146 Day Hikes Around Flagstaff, Arizona. 5th Edition. Hexagon Press. 2001.

Martin, Todd. Arizona Technical Canyoneering. Todd's Desert Hiking Guide. 2007.

Power, Tom and Whitlatch, John. Shoot-out at Dawn: An Arizona Tragedy. Bill McCreary Edition. 1981.

Ray, Cosmic. Fat Tire: Tales and Trails Arizona Mountain Bike Guide. 1996.

Ray, Cosmic. The Favorite Hikes Flagstaff and Sedona. 1996.

Ray, Cosmic. Hiking Phoenix: Favorite Day Hikes. 2003.

Smith, Ronald H. Prescott and Central Highlands Trails. Castle Rock Publishing. 1999

Stevens, Larry. The Colorado River in Grand Canyon. Red Lake Books. 1983.

Thybony, Scott. Official guide to Hiking the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National History Association. 1996.

Warren, Scott S. 100 Classic Hikes in Arizona. The Mountaineers. 2000.

Williams, Tyler. Canyoneering Arizona. Funhog Press. 1998.

Williams, Tyler. Grand Canyon River Hikes. Funhog Press. 2000.

Wilson, Dave. Hiking Ruins Seldom Seen. Moris Book Publishing. 1999.