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Kiwanis-Ranger Loop (South Mountain)

Desert wildflowers on the Kiwanis -Ranger loop
Hiker enjoying the views of the Kiwanis -Ranger loop
At the stone house on the Kiwanis - Ranger loop
Kiwanis - Ranger loop
Kiwanis - Ranger loop
map: Kiwanis - Ranger loop
Elevation plot: Kiwanis - Ranger loop


How to Get There
This hike is located near Phoenix, AZ.

To get to the trailhead: From the Phoenix area, take Central Avenue south into South Mountain park. Once you enter the park and after passing the stone buildings that mark the visitor center, drive the Summit Road for 0.6 miles. Turn left at the signed intersection (following the signs for the Kiwanis Trailhead). The Kiwanis trailhead parking is another 0.7 miles. Drive slowly on these roads and watch out for bikers, hikers, and runners on the road.
Phoenix Area and Central Arizona

Hike details

4.40 [Miles] Total
Hike Distance- Details
The hike described is 4.4 miles for the loop hike described.
2.00 [Hours]
This hike took about 2 hours.
Elevation Change
1,000 Total gain/loss [Feet]
Elevation Details
About 1000 ft elevation gain.
Hike Trail Type
Special Features
Wild Flowers
Rating details
March is also nice for wildflower season.


Best Season
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • October
  • November
  • December
Date Hike completed
January 03, 2008


Solitude Details
You won't experience too much solitude on this hike. Expect to share this trail with 20-30 other hikers.


Difficulty Rating
difficulty detail
The views of the area are great... too bad you have to share them with so many other people. The loop described here is a Moderately difficult hike.


Be Aware of
crowds, trail runners, road crossings

Loop hike with the Kiwanis and Ranger trails in South Mountain park in Phoenix, Arizona.

From the parking area, take the Kiwanis trail directly into snake canyon. The trail work done here is quite impressive and snake canyon gives your eyes some entertainment as you climb up. The climb up is mostly mellow, with some switchbacks as you get closer to the road and the National trail. Turn around once in a while to see a nice view of downtown Phoenix framed in the canyon walls. After about a mile, you'll reach Summit Road and the signed trail junction for the National trail (Jct 1 on map). Cross the road and take the National trail as it continues to climb. As you near the top of the ridgeline, there is a neat stone building to rest at and enjoy the views. The National trail heads West along the top of the ridgeline. The views along this section of the trail are great in all directions. After another 1.3 miles of hiking along the National Trail, you'll reach the junction with the Ranger trail (Jct 2 on map). Turn right onto the Ranger trail as it switchbacks down to the floor of the valley. You'll cross Summit road again (Jct 3 on map) and pass the signed junction to the Bajada trail going left (Jct 4 on map) before you turn right onto the Los Lomitas Loop trail (Jct 6 on map). This will lead you directly back to the parking area.


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